Christmas in Chicago

During the winter of 2006 I flew out to Chicago from Wyoming to visit my (then) girlfriend who lived there. I was only there for about a week or so, but it was cool because it was my first time there, and I flew by myself at the ripe age of 16, without anyone else guiding me along the way (no unattended minor this time).

I drove out to the Jackson, WY airport and parked my car at the edge of the parking lot because the parking lot was completely full with other holiday travelers’ cars. You weren’t supposed to park there, but I did it anyways and hoped for the best. Shortly thereafter I boarded the plane and flew to Chicago.

After flying to Chicago, I was greeted by nothing less than a limo driver. My girlfriend’s mom wanted to make sure I arrived in style, and she had a limousine pick me up, so that was pretty fun. Continue reading

Spring Break With Josh Part 2

This is a continuation of the spring break that my friend and I went on in 2008. You can read the first part here.

We arrived later in the evening at my grandparent’s house in Phoenix. We talked with them for a while and stayed there for the night before waking up very early the following morning to go to San Diego. While driving, the highway takes you very close to the Mexico border, and we got stopped a few times by the US border patrol as they inspected all cars passing through certain checkpoints. We weren’t smuggling anyone or anything though, so we passed by without any serious delays.

We arrived in San Diego in the lat morning after about 5 hours of driving. We did the classic thing of walking around before we went to the USS Midway, a retired aircraft carrier turned museum. I unfortunately didn’t take any actual pictures of the entire aircraft carrier, but you can see some shots by looking it up in google.

Regardless, I did take a picture of a model of it.

USS Midway model

As well as various other pictures from within. Continue reading