Zeta Hell Review

Brewery: Zeta
Brewery Location: Alboraya, Spain
Alcohol: 5.5%

This was one of the beers that I tried during a recent beer event. A Meetup group that I recently joined was hosting an event where the co-founder of the Zeta brewery came and talked about their beer, as well as offered some samples. I will talk more about that in a dedicated post to come later.

While I hate to admit that I wasn’t so impressed by this beer, I hope the folks at Zeta can rest assured that I liked their other beers that I sampled a lot more.

In any case, the Zeta Hell is a German style helles beer. For the record, helles just means light in German, as in the opposite of dark. As such, the name of this beer (hell) isn’t referencing the raging inferno where Satan lives, but just pointing to the style of beer that it is. It differs from other helles by having some American hops thrown into the mix. Continue reading

Seattle Part II

The second part of my trip (first part here) involved us checking out some other interesting things in the Seattle area over the next couple of days.

I am not sure of the exact order because I actually spent time naming all of my photos based on the content of the photo. While this was a nice idea at first, it took way too much time, and it completely messed with the ordering of the photos. Continue reading

Трехсосенское бархатное Review

(I don’t have the faintest idea how to pronounce that)

Brewery: Trehsosensky Plant (Завод Трехсосенский (ООО))
Brewery Location: Somewhere in Russia… I am struggling to find out.
Alcohol: 4.9%

I was walking around my neighborhood and I found a polish market. In the search for poppy seeds rolls (which I used to get at the polish market where I lived in Chicago), I went inside to see what they have. Continue reading

Dolden Berg Amber Lager Review

Brewery: Rhein-Ruhr Getränkspezialitäten GmbH
Brewery Location: Essen, Germany
Alcohol: 5%

This was simply a 3-pack that I saw for sale in the store here in Germany and I decided to buy it on a whim. As far as I could tell (based on the bottle), the brewery and location are as I indicated above, but I seem to find conflicting information online. It basically seems like a private craft beer brand for certain grocery stores in Germany, and I am not even sure if it’s done by one brewery or not. Continue reading

Tech Class To Microsoft’s Campus

When I was in high school, I partook in a tech class, learning about computers – how they work and how to fix them. It was quite the insightful course, and somehow or another we luckily were able to fly out to Seattle as a small class to visit the Microsoft campus in Redmond. I can’t recall if we got a grant or if we did some fund-raising (this was almost 10 years ago), but it was made possible for our smaller class of about 10 students to go out to Redmond to see Microsoft.

Our teacher somehow knew an employee who worked there, and I guess he managed to arrange a tour of sorts for us so we flew out to Seattle! After a short trip from Wyoming, we arrived in Seattle, and shortly thereafter, we went to Redmond for a tour of the campus. Continue reading

Strong Suffolk Dark Ale Review

Brewery: Greene King
Location: Bury ST Edmunds, Suffolk, England
Alcohol: 6%

This was just a beer that a friend picked up for me when she went to the Netherlands. I half jokingly told her to get some beers for me since she was going to a beer store, but she came back with this, and a few others which I have and will write about! Continue reading