Chicago: Chinatown, Mag Mile & Brookfield Zoo

While living in Chicago, I went on many small outings with my friends—I will sum up 3 of them in this article.

One of the first big things I did after moving back to Chicago was to visit Chinatown, which is just to the south of downtown.

I went there with 3 friends, and after reaching Chinatown, we walked around for a bit, mostly just checking out the architecture. We quickly found a square that had all the Zodiac signs, and in the effort to not bore you with showing you all of them, I’ll just show the best one (because it’s my Zodiac sign). Continue reading

Trappistes Rochefort Review

Brewery: Brasserie de Rochefort
Country of origin: Rochefort, Belgium
Alcohol %: 9.2%!!!

Like the Suffolk, this was simply given to me by a friend who visited Belgium.

I would like to start off by mentioning how relatively hard it was to open. The cap is thick! I noticed it at first when opening the bottle because it definitely took some extra effort. I can also usually bend caps in my hand after opening the bottle no problem but I tried to bend this cap since it was being so difficult, but it retained the same shape it had as I took it off the bottle. First beer I have ever experienced that with… Continue reading

Downtown Chicago & A Boat Ride

After living in Chicago for a year, I had moved back to Wyoming after quitting Fry’s and running out of money. While Living in Wyoming for about 9 months, I didn’t do too much other than work a lot and get back on my feet. I did visit my friend in Portland by chance, which was cool, but not much else.

I was missing my friends in Chicago, so the spring after I had moved away, I moved back to Chicago. I got a job and actually had some money to do things in Chicago, unlike the last time when I was a poor college student and didn’t really do much but study, party, and play Magic: The Gathering.

While moving into my friend’s place for a while, I ended up befriending Aaron, and shortly thereafter, we decided to go downtown for his birthday.

Without much of a plan, we started walking around Millennium park and saw a bunch of temporary sculptures. Continue reading