Angelo Poretti 4 Luppoli Review

Brewery: Birrificio Angelo Poretti
Brewery Location: Varese, Italy
Alcohol: 5.5%

This was the first beer my friend and I got when we arrived in Rome and went to a bar. It seemed to be the standard “big beer” in Italy, much like Heineken or Budweiser. It seemed to be in about the same tier, and my friend nailed it on the head by stating that it tasted “very commercial.” It wasn’t bad, just seemed to be like any other widely produced beer out there. Continue reading

Störtebeker Glüh-Bier Review

Brewery: Störtebeker
Location: Stralsund, Germany
Alcohol: 5%

This was just a beer that I found for sale in Germany. During the Christmas markets in Germany, you can always find Glühwein, which would directly translate to “glow wine” although it is never called that. In the UK, they call it mulled wine, but I have never personally even heard of it in the USA. Glühwein / mulled wine is usually a red wine that is additionally seasoned with spices and sometimes certain fruits. It is then usually heated up so it is hot, like a hot chocolate or coffee would be. When I first came to Germany, I was skeptical of drinking warm wine, but I eventually learned to love it, and now it’s one of the things I look forward to the most when it’s winter and the markets open up. Continue reading

Zeta Brewery Exhibition

About a month ago, a Meetup group that I am a member of had an event where the co-founder of the Zeta brewery came by to talk about their beer in Cologne, Germany. The Zeta Brewery is a Spanish beer hailing from Alboraya, Spain and in a country that is traditionally more focused on wine, craft beers are just starting to pick up.

The event was held in an interesting shared living and working space called Wertheim where you could rent out office desks, rooms, and/or residential apartments. They also had a bar which one could rent/use at the ground level, which is where the event was held. Continue reading

Zeta Rauchbier & Amber Ale review

I just barely got to taste these two beers from the Zeta Brewery while they were presenting, so this post will be a brief brush up on both of them.

The first of the two beers I tried was the limited edition Rauchbier called the Zendra.

Brewery: Zeta
Brewery Location: Alboraya, Spain
Alcohol: 7.8%

Carlos, the co-founder of the Zeta brewery and who was the one presenting the beers, said that this was a bit more salmony, but I didn’t quite get that. I am familiar with rauchbiers, though, which is maybe why I wasn’t surprised by the smokiness. For reference, “rauchbier” means “smoke/smoky beer” in German, and when you drink one, you definitely get a sense of smokiness. I love them, but they aren’t for everyone. Continue reading

Zeta Hell Review

Brewery: Zeta
Brewery Location: Alboraya, Spain
Alcohol: 5.5%

This was one of the beers that I tried during a recent beer event. A Meetup group that I recently joined was hosting an event where the co-founder of the Zeta brewery came and talked about their beer, as well as offered some samples. I will talk more about that in a dedicated post to come later.

While I hate to admit that I wasn’t so impressed by this beer, I hope the folks at Zeta can rest assured that I liked their other beers that I sampled a lot more.

In any case, the Zeta Hell is a German style helles beer. For the record, helles just means light in German, as in the opposite of dark. As such, the name of this beer (hell) isn’t referencing the raging inferno where Satan lives, but just pointing to the style of beer that it is. It differs from other helles by having some American hops thrown into the mix. Continue reading

Трехсосенское бархатное Review

(I don’t have the faintest idea how to pronounce that)

Brewery: Trehsosensky Plant (Завод Трехсосенский (ООО))
Brewery Location: Somewhere in Russia… I am struggling to find out.
Alcohol: 4.9%

I was walking around my neighborhood and I found a polish market. In the search for poppy seeds rolls (which I used to get at the polish market where I lived in Chicago), I went inside to see what they have. Continue reading

Dolden Berg Amber Lager Review

Brewery: Rhein-Ruhr Getränkspezialitäten GmbH
Brewery Location: Essen, Germany
Alcohol: 5%

This was simply a 3-pack that I saw for sale in the store here in Germany and I decided to buy it on a whim. As far as I could tell (based on the bottle), the brewery and location are as I indicated above, but I seem to find conflicting information online. It basically seems like a private craft beer brand for certain grocery stores in Germany, and I am not even sure if it’s done by one brewery or not. Continue reading