Störtebeker Hanse-Porter Review

Brewery: Störtebeker
Brewery Location: Stralsund, Germany
Alcohol: 4%

This was another beer that my coworkers gave me when I left my job. It happens to be from the same brewery as the Glüh-Bier that I had, although it wasn’t really similar. This one labels itself as being malty with notes of caramel.

Sight: Very dark and opaque. There weren’t many bubbles, and what bubbles there were tended to be a bit on the bigger side. There wasn’t much head, and what little there was disappeared quickly. All together, it looked like a nice, dark beer.

Smell: It smelled malty, like one would expect. It also did have the caramel scent that it advertised. While I didn’t particular love the smell, I know that’s because I don’t really care for sweet things, and particularly not caramel. For someone who does like that, I am sure they would like it.

Taste: It mas malty, and not as strong as one would have thought considering how dark it appeared. The caramel taste really came across, and like my thoughts on how it smelled, I also wasn’t quite the fan. Again though, for someone who does like caramel, I am sure they would love it. Somehow due to the color and the sweetness, I actually thought I was kind of drinking a coke.

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