Chicago: Xtreme Trampolines and Shedd Aquarium

Again, in line with my previous posts, these are just a couple of the more significant activities I did while I was living in Chicago.

One of the places my friends and I liked to go to if we had the opportunity was Xtreme trampolines, which was an indoor trampoline park. I am 90% sure that was the name of the location, but I can’t seem to find it anymore. Perhaps they went out of business or changed locations? Continue reading

Chicago: Art Institute and Chicago Auto Show

Following up my previous posts about things I did while I lived in Chicago, this post will be about The Art Institute of Chicago and the Chicago Auto Show.

One winter night, a chilling rain fell upon the Chicago area which then froze overnight. It’s pretty unrelated to this post, but there happens to be a picture I took around the same time and I wanted to show it.

Another evening, I went to the Art Institute to check out the exhibits. The Art Institute of Chicago is conveniently located downtown at the edge of the Millenium Park so it was easy to get to after getting downtown. Continue reading

Chicago: Medieval Times & New Years

While my brother, Carson, was visiting me in Chicago, we went to some more things together.

The first thing I will talk about that we went to is Medieval Times. I remember watching The Cable Guy with Jim Carrey in it a long time ago. At one point in that movie, they go to that restaurant and it looked pretty fun. Lo and behold, it’s an actual thing and one of their locations is in the Chicago area.

So while my brother was visiting me, I surprised him with a visit there.

The “King”

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Chicago: Hancock Building, Sears Tower & Alder Planetarium

This week I will go over some more locations I visited while living in Chicago.

At 100 stories tall, the Hancock Building is one of the tallest skyscrapers in the city—the 4th tallest to be precise. At the top is an observatory which one can visit to get a nice view of the city. Some people claim that it’s the better of the 2 observatories (the other being the Sears Tower) to visit since you are a little more removed from downtown and can therefore see downtown a bit easier. I think both are fine and have their own appeal.Chicago: Hancock Building, Sears Tower & Alder Planetarium

Downtown Chicago

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Chicago: Chinatown, Mag Mile & Brookfield Zoo

While living in Chicago, I went on many small outings with my friends—I will sum up 3 of them in this article.

One of the first big things I did after moving back to Chicago was to visit Chinatown, which is just to the south of downtown.

I went there with 3 friends, and after reaching Chinatown, we walked around for a bit, mostly just checking out the architecture. We quickly found a square that had all the Zodiac signs, and in the effort to not bore you with showing you all of them, I’ll just show the best one (because it’s my Zodiac sign). Continue reading

Downtown Chicago & A Boat Ride

After living in Chicago for a year, I had moved back to Wyoming after quitting Fry’s and running out of money. While Living in Wyoming for about 9 months, I didn’t do too much other than work a lot and get back on my feet. I did visit my friend in Portland by chance, which was cool, but not much else.

I was missing my friends in Chicago, so the spring after I had moved away, I moved back to Chicago. I got a job and actually had some money to do things in Chicago, unlike the last time when I was a poor college student and didn’t really do much but study, party, and play Magic: The Gathering.

While moving into my friend’s place for a while, I ended up befriending Aaron, and shortly thereafter, we decided to go downtown for his birthday.

Without much of a plan, we started walking around Millennium park and saw a bunch of temporary sculptures. Continue reading

Moving to Chicago and Visiting the Field Museum

I moved from Wyoming to Chicago in 2008 to go to University.

My dad drove with me all the way from Wyoming and helped me move in and get my bearings before he flew back home. Before he left, though, we checked out Chicago together. I remember the first thing we did was drive downtown and park in a parking garage. What a mistake that was! I think we had to pay about $10 an hour, which racked up quite a bill for just one downtown evening. That was the first and last time I ever drove downtown, instead opting to take the Metra from then on, which is a considerably cheaper option. What we did see downtown was pretty cool, though. Continue reading

Christmas in Chicago

During the winter of 2006 I flew out to Chicago from Wyoming to visit my (then) girlfriend who lived there. I was only there for about a week or so, but it was cool because it was my first time there, and I flew by myself at the ripe age of 16, without anyone else guiding me along the way (no unattended minor this time).

I drove out to the Jackson, WY airport and parked my car at the edge of the parking lot because the parking lot was completely full with other holiday travelers’ cars. You weren’t supposed to park there, but I did it anyways and hoped for the best. Shortly thereafter I boarded the plane and flew to Chicago.

After flying to Chicago, I was greeted by nothing less than a limo driver. My girlfriend’s mom wanted to make sure I arrived in style, and she had a limousine pick me up, so that was pretty fun. Continue reading