Triple D’anvers Review

Brewery: De Koninck Brewery
Location: Antwerpen, Belgium
Alcohol: 8%

A Friend of mine brought me this triple Belgian beer when they went to Belgium, and I was pleasantly surprised!


Sight: An alright shade of yellow. It was more translucent than the picture suggests, but still opaque enough to hint at being unfiltered, almost like a weizen, but not quite. The head disappeared quickly as well. Minimal bubbles.

Smell: A nice subtle, yet poignant aroma that assails the nostrils. It almost smelt… sharp with all the hoppinesss.

Taste: Bitter, definitely bitter. It hits the back of the tongue in particular with a lasting bitter taste well after you have finished drinking it. Some people claim that Bitburger (a local German pils) is bitter, but that’s kool-aid compared to this. It’s not overly bitter though, still remaining in the area of tasty and pleasant. The bitterness surprised me at first, but it’s not too much that it no longer becomes enjoyable. Otherwise, it has a lighter taste, but I wouldn’t quite call it a “refreshing summer beer” due to the bitterness

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