Zeta Hop Review

Brewery: Zeta
Brewery Location: Alboraya, Spain
Alcohol: 6.7%

In the same night as I had the Zeta Hell, I also tried this beer, which I am pleased to say I enjoyed much more.

The Zeta Hop is an American style IPA, and like you would expect out of an IPA, it was a bit more hoppy and bitter than other beers.

Zeta Hop

Sight: The beer had a clear, golden-orange color. It was pretty clean, and you were able to see through the liquid well enough. There wasn’t much to speak of regarding bubbles/carbonation, but the head did stick around a little longer than the helles did. Again, I do like the simple style of their bottles and stickers.

Smell: It had a pretty solid hoppiness aroma when you inhaled, accompanied with a bit of fruitiness, maybe almost orangey smelling.

Taste: It was good, I really liked it. It left a mild bitter aftertaste on the back of the tongue, but in a good way. It went down really well, but it was still mild enough that I don’t think it would put off someone who had an aversion to hops.

Another picture with the flash on, which didn’t turn out so well, making this beer almost look more amber colored. The previous picture is more accurate, however.

Zeta Hop

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