Milk Stout Review

Brewery: Not sure…
Brewery Location: Poland
Alcohol: Also not sure…

This was my favorite of the beers I had while I was in the PiwPaw bar. I unfortunately failed to write down the exact name and/or the brewery, so I am not too sure on all the information. I do remember asking for a Polish beer, though, so I can only assume that this was a Polish Milk Stout.

Sight: It had a decent head that was mildly dark, obviously due to the dark beer it had risen from. The liquid itself was much like a stout should be: black and completely opaque.

Smell: It had a very strong aroma that really hit the nostrils. It was pungent and herby, with chocolatey notes to it as well.

Taste: Strong and creamy with a mild and pleasant burnt tone. There was a subtle bitterness on the back of tongue but it was largely overshadowed by a strong chocolate taste with coffee undertones.

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