Vento Forte Cal Review

Brewery: Vento Forte
Brewery Location: Bracciano, Italy (or at least Italy)
Alcohol: 8.5%

This was a beer that I got when my friend and I went to a craft beer with my friend while in Italy. After looking online, it appears to be a double IPA.


I am not sure why I took a pic with the beer coaster, I think I just liked the way the coaster looked.

Sight: Cloudy with a light pale, yellow color. It was brighter than the picture shows. There was little head that disappeared quickly.

Smell: It had a mild sweet aroma to it, but that was largely dwarfed by the powerful hoppy scent it emitted.

Taste: Not too much to say here. It was a pretty solid IPA—hoppy and bitter, and I quite liked it. Nothing fancy, but what it did, it did well.

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